About Us


Camper gateway is the brainchild of Stan and Ben. We’ve worked together for quite a while on a range of different projects. Some camper van related, some not. Over the years, through the many events we’ve attended and restoration projects we’ve worked on we’ve found it difficult not to get excited by the enthusiasm of all involved in the camper van world. The love people have for these vehicles is amazing and the sense of community between everybody involved is awesome to be a part of!

Our vision for Camper Gateway is to create a resource for owners and lovers of all things camper van, bringing together all aspects of the industry and presenting them in an easy to navigate way. Much of the camper van industry is made up of small businesses, many of these businesses have a lot to offer but have a small voice so can be hard to find. Camper gateway bring these businesses together and allow you to find the shops and services most suitable to you. This is a resource that can only grow through use so if you like it, please shout about it!

StanleyAs part of this we also want to make the camper van world accessible to more people and allow them to experience everything this community has to offer. We will also be offering a place where camper vans can be listed, discovered and hired. Allowing owners to better fund the running costs and bringing new people to the community.

We’re interested in everything you have to say. If you think there is something we have missed please get in touch and let us know...


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