Camper Kitchen

Chris Shaw (Uber Fit)

We challenged Uber Fit founder Chris Shaw to take part in Camper Kitchen, and set him to task on creating a healthy breakfast in the confines of a VW Camper. ''I really enjoyed the challenge, it was fun to try and cook in such a small space. Despite looking like a hippy I've never been inside a VW let alone cooked in one. It came with its own unique difficulties, but not many things beat cooking in the great outdoors and eating in the fresh air.''

Dutch ovens first outing

OK, so my partner and I went on a glamping trip and hired a yurt towards the end of March. Something I’d highly recommend as a romantic retreat but that's a whole different story. One of the extras was the option to hire a Dutch oven (nothing to do with farting under the sheets)! I didn't take this up at the time but it's been eating away at me ever since and recently I cracked and bought one…


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