Rustic Campers

A few weeks ago I was snooping around the web looking at some interesting campervan businesses and one that really caught my eye was rustic campers. I’m a country boy at heart, I've always had a passion for anything mechanical and love working with wood, and these guys seemed to capture all of that to produce some really special campers.

The guys in question are Beck and Bill Goddard. A couple in their early 30’s that have been together for around 16 years, they live a fairly unconventional ‘off the grid’ lifestyle and seem to have achieved the dream of working in a industry they truly have a passion for whilst living and working in idyllic surroundings making beautiful things. Their company, Rustic Campers, specialises in carrying out campervan conversions but with a very individual flavour. They’ve broken away from the conventional campervan concept: feature packed, wipe down with clean lines, and produce bespoke spaces with more of a country cottage feel, using a lot of locally sourced natural or reclaimed materials.

Dutch ovens first outing

OK, so my partner and I went on a glamping trip and hired a yurt towards the end of March. Something I’d highly recommend as a romantic retreat but that's a whole different story. One of the extras was the option to hire a Dutch oven (nothing to do with farting under the sheets)! I didn't take this up at the time but it's been eating away at me ever since and recently I cracked and bought one…

The Other Woman and The First Time

There’s another lady in my boyfriend’s life. She's a real stunner, she get’s hooted at when she meanders down the road and her name is Molly.

I’m younger than she is, but those days are over for me. I think it’s a good thing. I’m not jealous... Honestly!

I know nothing about campervans, by the way. But I do know how to match my nails to Molly!

Marvellous Moll

Marvellous Molly - Camper Gateway

After years of working in an industry we found stressful and didn't get much enjoyment from, Stan (Co-founder of Camper Gateway) and me (Ben) decided to look towards pastures new, to try to break into a something we enjoy and have a passion for and to see if it really is possible to love your job. We both enjoy the campervan / VW scene, the events, the vehicles and the people we meet but at that point had only experienced it at the most basic level. We’re both handy people and like to think we can figure out how most things work and get on with most things we have a bash at. I’ve always had a passion for cars and loved working on them and Stan’s a bit of a whizz when it comes to electronics. We’d saved up a bit of money and knew we wanted to head in a new direction, what we needed was a project away from our day jobs. A change of scenery to give us time to consider future options but also something challenging where we could learn new skills


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